holistic solutions for the modern photographer

perfect client experience

clients will love their beutiful galleries, allowing them to easily select photos, share and download.

advanced business website

build your website with Picndo. An advanced responsive website which looks great both with mobile and tablets. More? Add clients area page, allowing clients to find their galleries in your website.

save time

with proofing and photo selection integrated in every gallery, collecting selected photos was never as easy. Collect the selected photos with a single click. Sending originals with a different service? This is not needed. Your customers or colleagues can now download origianls when you decide to share it with them.

promote your brand

Your clients galleries are your best marketing tool. Integrated with social networks, every sharing action will promote your brand, website & logo.

increase revenues with each project

Picndo can sell for you. Client exposed to other products you offer, can buy & select photos to new products without any effort from your side.

galleries privacy

We are doing our best to protect your clients and yours photos. Define sharing & downloads capabilities for each project to define security required.


View sharing counters & business exposures for each project. You can also view your client status selecting photos.

full resolution downloads

Your client and colleagues can download original photos. Send client selection directly to your albums editor or print labs.

Your own workflow with Lightroom plugin

Picndo Lightroom PlugIn allows you to create projects, upload and even collect client selection into LightRoom. You can even use smart collections while enjoying your own workflow . As well while uploading directly to Picndo we save disk space and time while no need to export your photos in advance.


Holistic solutions for the modern photographer

  • Impressive clients galleries
  • Client proofing and photo selection.
  • Advanced photographer website with an easy to use inline editing & design interface.
  • Add clients galleries into your website with a dedicated clients page .
  • e-commerce store with each gallery. sell more with your own products.
  • backup original copies & send to clients and print labs for download.
  • clients reviews integrated to galleries your website & facebook business page.
  • Project resolution statistics for sharing, brand exposure & status.
  • Integrated with social networks (facebook, whatsapp, twitter, google+, and more) to promote your brand.
  • Automatically add business logo to each photo.
  • Simple to use dashboard to manage projects, sales, clients & privacy.
Mac and ipod


Pay yearly and save 20%

Prices include VAT




  • 3 active projects
  • up to 2000 photos per project
  • client photo selection ✓
  • files download ✓
  • clients reviews ✓
  • High Res file transfer ✓
  • -
  • -
  • 20% Sales Commision
  • Create & Manage Multiple Brands ✓




Per Year (21.7 Per Month)
  • 20 active projects
  • up to 2000 photos per project
  • client photo selection ✓
  • files download ✓
  • clients reviews ✓
  • High Res file transfer ✓
  • -
  • -
  • 0% Sales Commision
  • Create & Manage Multiple Brands ✓




Per Year (32.5 Per Month)
  • 100 active projects
  • up to 3000 photos per project
  • client photo selection ✓
  • files download ✓
  • clients reviews ✓
  • High Res file transfer ✓
  • -
  • -
  • 0% Sales Commision
  • Create & Manage Multiple Brands ✓




Per Year (37.5 Per Month)
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • client photo selection ✓
  • files download ✓
  • clients reviews ✓
  • High Res file transfer ✓
  • -
  • -
  • 0% Sales Commision
  • Create & Manage Multiple Brands ✓


What our clients say about Picndo?


Alexander Dodin

AD Studio

AD studio, weddings & events photography are using Picndo for a long time.
We understood immediately the great potential and benefit of using the service.
The galleries and the dashboard are very impressive with its new look for both client and photographer. and the workflow is very easy.
We are happy to be notified for all new updates and to be support in minutes if needed.
I am proud to be one of the first photographers to use the Picndo.


vered hadadi

vered new born, photography studio

Im happy for the opportunity to recommend Picndo.
After testing several different services, now i feel i found the perfect one for me.
After some time now, using Picndo with and for my clients i can tell it is the easiest to operate and to allow an amazing way for me to deliver my clients with their project.
My clients should be happy with the workflow and not only from the final product and that where Picndo shines allowing me to offer the best service.
Picndo team has never disappoint me with its support, event though it rare i needed any…
Vexed, new born photographer.


Atara Moshka

Atara Moshka Photography

Using Picndo changed the workflow in my studio and with my clients.
The service is easy to use both for me and for my clients.
My clients can easily select its favorite photos for print, share & download .
I can easily recommend Picndo to any photographer


Orli Landau

Orli Landau Photography Studio

I started using Picndo a year ago, and my studio workflow is easier ever since.
At last i found an easy way to upload & deliver my customer with the media, and to allow them to select favorites for prints and editing. For events photographer this is very important while the clients can share the view link with its friends & family while spreading the word about the great photographer.
Picndo always offers the best support and i have never came up with unclosed issue. As important the service continuously evolve with my needs.
Using Picndo is highly recommended.


frequent questions


am i obligated to a long term contract with Picndo?

mounty subscribers can change or cancel subscription at any time.
Further payments will not be made.
No strings attached.


can i embed clients galleries in my website?

Yes!. once editing your website select:
Add-Ons (menu) => photographers app
=> clients galleries will be added as any other widget in your website.
Galleries set with "Public On Clients Galleries" will be available to website visitors. other galleries will be available using the search box with the project code your client received.
A Wordpress plugin will be available soon.


what is the optimal resolution to upload?

Picndo allows to set the upload resolution. We support 1920px / 3500px / original photos.
The lower the resolution set the faster the upload completes.
If your gallery is only for viewing, sharing and photo selection, 1920px is more then enough for a perfect web gallery. 3500px is usually sufficient for print and clients delivery.


can i get help while building my website with Picndo?

can i get help while building my website with Picndo?
Sure. Every yearly subscription will have dedicated support building its website with us.
Want us to build your website, promote it and then guide you with future updates?
Contact us for more details.


for how long are my project available?

your projects are available as long as you did not delete them.
Once you exceed your projects limit, decide whether to upgrade your subscription or to delete an older project.


how can Picndo assist increasing my revenues?

Every gallery integrates with both E-shop for selling your products, social sharing tools and clients recommendations.
While the E-shop is a great tool for selling more to existing customer, sharing photos and leaving recommendations is a great way to expose your studio to new audience and clients.